The Future of Snowsports – Part 1 featuring Bode Miller and John Emery, Moderated by Andy Wirth

Featuring the insights and perspective of Bode Miller, the most decorated male American alpine ski racer of all time, this ongoing series, The Future of Snowsports, will delve into a variety of topics that impact the current and future state of snowsports. The series will present industry and subject-matter experts to address a wide range of subjects that affect snowsports, including items like expanding access to snowsports; inclusion in the community of snowsports participants; the impact of technology on snowsports; positive effects of participation in snowsports for individuals and communities; and instruction initiatives in the industry.

Moderated by Andy Wirth, Part 1 covers the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, including Bode’s unique view as an athlete with discussion heading towards the US Alpine team, the geopolitical and human rights matters surrounding Beijing 2022 and more. Additionally, Bode Miller and John Emery, CEO of Alpine-X, discuss how more skiers could be welcomed to skiing, including ways to reduce if not eliminate the barriers to entry to the sport and their point of view on the “democratization” of skiing. At the end of each part of the series, audience members will be able to ask questions to the guests or can submit them ahead of time.