About Alpine-X

Creating Memorable Family Experiences

Alpine X Inc. is a holding company with its headquarters in Virginia, whose mission is to develop family-centric active lifestyle communities and experience-based sports entertainment venues throughout the United States.  In partnership with world-class engineering and development firms, the company conceives and creates one-of-a-kind recreational destination properties that integrate harmoniously with their surroundings. Through innovative use of land and architecture, collaboration with local organizations, and environmental responsibility, Alpine-X strives to create properties that are financially and environmentally sustainable.

Alpine-X creates custom master site plans that connect communities while integrating all-season entertainment venues that take advantage of the natural features and characteristics of each location. Sports entertainment venues and ancillary facilities include:

  • Indoor Snowsports Facilities with Alpine Slope and Terrain Park for Skiing, Snowboarding, and Snow Tubing
  • Full-Service Equipment Rental
  • Wave Pools and Waterparks
  • Mountain Coasters
  • Ropes Courses
  • Biking, Walking, and Jogging Trails
  • Alpine-Themed Restaurants and Bars
  • Outfitters and Retail Shops
  • Hotels
  • And More

Our “Why”

We love the outdoors. As avid snowsports enthusiasts ourselves, we know the thrill of big-mountain winter sports is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate indoors. By delivering high-quality indoor snowsports facilities, our goal is to provide a glimpse of the Alpine lifestyle to our guests, while making the experience convenient, consistent, and affordable. Our goals include:

  1. Growth: Grow snowsports from the “inside-out”. We do not replace outdoor resorts, we help build the consumer base for all snowsports.
  2. Exposure: Remove the elitist stigma that can be associated with snowsports and introduce the opportunity and experience to new socio-economic and geographic groups
  3. Inclusion: Provide services and facilities that serve customers of all ages, skill and income levels. Provide special perks to the local community.
  4. Consistency: Provide a predictable and repeatable snowsports experience for families year-round regardless of outside weather conditions. Lodging and dining amenities offer the highest standard of quality and service that families can count on.

Corporate Social Responsibility Framework

Our philosophy is to create safe and memorable entertainment experiences which have a positive impact on our guests, our team members, our local communities, and the environment.  We are focused on bringing together diverse groups for shared, positive active experiences, which we believe results in a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive community.


Our core values are centered around family, community, adventure, and experience.  We are committed to creating enduring positive memories while strengthening the bonds of family and friendship through our resort experiences.  To do that, we:

  • Ensure all activities and experiences are high-quality and provide value for our guests
  • Include a wide range of guest experiences to ensure each guest is entertained and delighted by their visit
  • Provide low- and no-skill activities to complement the indoor snowsports experience and enhance each guest’s overall experience
  • Incorporate free and low-cost activities as a part of the overall resort design to promote inclusion for the entire community
  • Offer a broad range of activities and experiences to encourage return visits
  • Deliver a safe, clean environment for each activity and experience

Team Members

Our team members are key to our success as a company and to providing our guests with an outstanding experience.  Each team member reflects our company and our values, and we are committed to supporting and investing in them throughout their careers.  We will:

  • Maintain a workplace that is diverse and offers opportunities for career growth
  • Offer meaningful work and an outstanding work environment for all team members
  • Provide a competitive wage and range of benefits on par with leading hospitality/resort companies
  • Focus on training, including leadership and development, to increase opportunities during a team member’s career
  • Hire inclusively and ensure employment opportunities for community members regardless of age, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, nationality, marital status, disability, or socio-economic status
  • Have our team members engaged and actively involved with their local communities

Our Community

Although each of our resorts is unique, the health, education, and vibrancy of the local communities where we operate are vital to us.  Here are some ways we strive to impact positively our local communities:

  • Reinvest in our local communities by generating jobs and tax revenues to support the families that live there
  • Include educational touch points throughout our resorts to provide context to the history and background of the communities where we operate
  • Provide walking, hiking, and biking trails, and other publicly available green spaces around our resorts, to promote exercise and socialization
  • Explore alternative transportation options to connect with public transportation hubs, have bus access, and local bike lanes to provide access to the resort
  • Offer experiences and activities to guests who are not staying overnight or using the indoor snowsports area

The Environment

We are committed to environmental sustainability and minimizing energy consumption and our carbon footprint.  When possible, we look to incorporate techniques and technologies such as:

  • Repurpose and/or improve non-traditional land to develop our resorts
  • Generate power for our resorts by solar panels and other renewable energy sources
  • Seek LEED certification for our entire facility, or as many components of the facility as possible
  • Implement energy savings, resource reuse/recycling, water conservation and water protection best practices in the design of our resorts, including for activity areas, common areas, and lodging facilities
  • Plant new trees and/or maintain existing trees on the land where our resort is located, to protect the health of the local ecosystem