Blister Interview with Alpine-X CEO John Emery

Skiing Indoors? Alpine-X & the Future of Snowsports (Ep.170)

What does the future of skiing and snowboarding look like? Blister’s Jonathan Ellsworth speaks to the CEO of Alpine-X, John Emery, about his vision of developing indoor snowsports destinations in North American metropolitan markets.

Could this have a similar effect that indoor climbing gyms have had on the popularity of climbing? Could such indoor facilities help create a more inclusive and more diverse snowsports demographic? Could this lead to a world where some people only ski indoors? We discuss all of this and more.


  • What is Alpine-X? (3:44)
  • Development plans (4:55)
  • Opening dates & locations (11:07)
  • Challenges (13:29)
  • Replicating skiing indoors (17:57)
  • Increasing accessibility (27:00)
  • Cost & pass types (32:47)
  • Parallels to indoor climbing gyms? (36:42)